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After many visits to the Algarve, the adventurer in me soon came out. I wanted to explore more than the average travel guide gave, some just listed 15 to 20 Towns but often they would end up with a referral to visiting Lisbon; if I had wanted to visit Northern Portugal I would have done so. Having travelled more than 30 countries in the past I had now set my heart on eventually moving to Portugal to live but what part?

Having found a base in central Algarve  little did I know my journey and adventure would take two years  to complete. In most places I revisited towns and villages to make sure I had got to know every back street and charm it had to offer. Many even today think of the Algarve as just bars and beaches; but you would be missing out on an Atlantic costal adventures that would see inland villages and beach coves and caves you never knew existed.

Here is just a small sample of some of the hundreds of photographs taken across the Algarve, showing Architecture, places of interest . The Algarve has something for everyone

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